About New Thread

We plan

Any product starts with a loose idea. We convert those into actionable items, plan & execute. With professional planning, we build a solid ground for each project.

We build

Nourishing from the plan, we provide professional development and consulting services. Our interest lies in providing bleeding edge technological solutions.

We sustain

Sustainability - managing change in a balanced fashion. We improve our products on a daily basis to cope with the changing market demands.


Technological edge and managerial perfection

We aim at building all our products with the highest standards and best technological stack available.

Our Team is highly experienced in building transactional & scalable financial software systems and infrastructures. With more than 10 years of combined industry experience in B2B-, B2C-, B2B2C-SaaS Companies, New Thread UG is building software with principles

1. Understand

Questions over Questions. We ask those! Understanding the goal of a project is our first priority. Only so, we can fulfill the users needs, and match those with our and your vision.

2. Specify

A correct translation of business needs, customer needs and wants, user needs and wants, into technological transparent language. In the end, everyone speaks the same language, just with a different dialect. Our experience combines all.

3. Build

After successfull identification, specification, and translation, we begin building what customers and users imagine. There is no magic involved, simply good sustainable and maintainable code is what we are interested in.

4. Iterate

Software is a living piece of business infrastructure. Any abstraction of logic into a piece of code needs iteration and maintenance. As businesses and requirements grow, new challenges will arise, leading to the extension and improvement of the product.

Product management and development par excellence

We strife to build the products we want ourselfs & create value. If you think you have a job for us that triggers our interest, please contact us!

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Our Services

Software Development

New Thread builds modern software products by living the user perspective and loving bleeding edge technology. For development inquiries, please contact us.


New Thread provides consulting services in the field of (new) product development, software development, organisational change, and technological decision making.

Quality Assurance

With vast experience in the field of quality assurance and having delivered highly complex software projects, we can help reaching the highest grade of quality.

Our Skills

10+ Years of constant strategicing, managing, and studying of technology and the software industry.

Structured problem solving is our key to your success. We identify your needs and wants by listening, and convert them into valuable outcome. If you are interested in consulting in the field of software development, new product development, or need a problem solved by a smart piece of software - contact us! We are ready to talk!

  • 01-New Product Development

  • 02-Analysis

  • 03-Design

  • 04-API Development

  • 05-Frontend Development

Our Works


BAV Werkzeug

a tool for insurance sales agents to calculate potential customer profits of the BAV product.



Protoype of a sourcing platform for an overseas client.


Business Software Integrations

Several integrations and BI tools built for multiple international clients.


Happy Clients and Users


Products available


Positive feedback

< 9000

Cups of Coffee & Mate

Our Team


Robert Lindstädt

Developer/Product & Board Member

High level - low level - technology. All the things. Robert has been working as project manager, product owner, McKinsey Developer & Consultant, and Head of Engineering. Robert is also a frequent contributor to open source projects such as the node.js runtime.


Maximilian Nebl

Product/Developer & MD

Planning - managing - developing. Max is a jack of all trades. He has been working as Head of product in SaaS businesses, as a developer, and as software QA engineer. With academical education in both, the technological as well as the business field.

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For collaborations, hiring, or press inquiries, please contact us.

Anklamer Straße 14b, 10115 Berlin, Deutschland
Phone: +4917620042329
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