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Interim CTO

You need someone to support you, your team, or setup a team and hire a CTO for lifetime? Happy to help - we’ve got access to a vast network of entrepreneur CTOs and top tier SDEs that are looking for stellar opportunities.

Application Development - Web, Desktop, Backend/Frontend

Whether you need a solid and scalable backend solution, a frontend to existing webservices, or an integration between systems - we know what is important.

System/Architecture Design

Stuck in analysis paralysis? Not sure if your decision is a one way or two way door? Not sure what commercial factors play a role?

Or is it just you or your team needs a second pair of eyes evaluating technical design decisions?

In any case: No worries, we got you covered. With plenty of years combined CTO experience we will be able to help you decide.

Software Consulting

Making a purchasing decision, and struggling backing it? We can help you ask the correct questions and strengthen your evalutation.

Process Consulting

Your team is struggling with workload management, delivery transparency or bug management? Burndown charts look like a hockey stick diagram? Engineers burning the midnight oil - and you still don’t get things done? Been there, fixed that - we will help you analyze your situation and shed some light. Often it is the “simple” things that are the hardest.

Software engineering and consulting from Berlin, Germany.